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Somewhat American, a hint of Canadian and total Jew (though from the looks of that photo obviously not Kosher!).  It's safe to say Ben Charles is a bit confused regarding his origin.


Little did he realize his experience with Voice Over acting would lead to over a four year stretch as a radio host, writer and producer.

From his favorite local pub known as The Fox and Hound, the drunken idea was hatched together with his two close friends The Reverend Joey T. and Jesus Julio to create an internet radio show which would be broadcast from his home.

The Triumvirate of friends as Ben dubbed them back then decided to embark upon this task with just enough knowledge of the industry to be completely dangerous.


The idea was "why not create an entertainment concept which echoes the experience one has with their friends while conversing at the bar?".  All they needed was a name.


The Cranial Emissions Show title was born from the notion of random conversation asking their audience to "question everything but consider anything". 

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