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Realist, philosopher and master of the anecdote.


Joey T. first began to assemble his eclectric arsenal of skills during his infancy.  This crucial period of his life was spent in the wilderness of Eastern Europe raised by a pack of wolves.  It was during this time Joey T. developed his uncanny survival instinct and diverse array of animal languages that make him the utmost global authority in mammalian linguism.


Joey was freed from his feral upbringing after a random encounter with a wandering Tibetan monk who promptly took him on a journey of self discovery.


Once reaching an age of maturity, it was decided by the monastery to fund Joey's spirit quest to become the most singularly credentialed man alive.


Host and writer for The Cranial Emissions Show yet prior to this current lot in life known throughout the world as The Reverend Joseph T. Grill D.D.S., Esquire, PhD, M.B.A., Notary Public.



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