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Bill Carroll’s career watching and evaluating football has been a long and circuitous road.  From his first favorite player college players to his love for the Vikings, Redskins and Steelers.


His scouting career began that same year as he played "Bitty Ball" for a man named Bernie League as a 48 pound defensive end, at the other end of the line was Clarkston Hines, who later was a 2 time All-American WR at Duke for Steve Spurrier and was inducted in 2010 into the College Football Hall of Fame. He was a very underwhelming football player, but he studied Clarkston constantly. Even then it was clear that he was different from the rest and Bill wanted to know why?


10 Years later, but still a terrible athlete he became the sports editor for a small community newspaper and played against DJ Dozier, All-American at Penn State, with Keith Goganius,  All-American at Penn State and with Matt Darby,  All-American at UCLA, he also saw: "Famous Amos" Lawrence, Lawrence Taylor, Bruce Smith, Al Toon, Aaron Brooks, Allen Iverson, Mike Vick, and Terry Kirby play high school football.


While at the University of Illinois he was a graduate assistant and watched Jeff George, Howard Griffith, Simeon Rice, Mike Bellamy and Kevin Hardy in his time there. There was no public forum available to him at the time.  He co-founded MPAACT using his Master of Arts in Dramatic Literature, Theory and Criticism and taking notes on players, bugging his friends in the football community for game film  and bidding his time. In the late 1990’s he found a place to talk football in a community setting he posted as a “normal” registered member of several websites and in 2003 he was approached by Consensus Draft Services founder Steve Martin to actually join the professional staff. He accepted and eventually headed up HBCU scouting there. From 2011-2013 he worked with Football Reporters Online and in 2013-2014 he worked with NGSC Sports until October of this year. He is currently re-launching Consensus Draft Services in a streamlined format under the aegis of Fanspeak. He looks forward to engaging all of you about this amazing game and the people who play it. 


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